How It Works?

Order Food Online or Book a Table at a Restaurant

Starving Marvins is a diner or take away lovers dream. Easily find your perfect restaurant in the cuisine you prefer and book a table with a couple of clicks! View the menu, view pictures, specials, location and much more! Fancy a night in? Simply select your cuisine and fine take aways that deliver the food of your choice direct to your door, no much scouring those drawers for the take away menu. Simply view a vast amount of take outs in your menu and make your selection, don't settle for second best, if your paying for a take out you want one that will have you licking your lips in delight, Starving Marvins is the only service in South Africa that allows you to view a the take outs profile and order take away online.

Do you still waste precious time hunting for the numbers of local restaurants and takeaway joints to order food or book a table? Are you tired of long, aggravating phone calls to request your favorite meal, only to receive the wrong order? You are not the only one. In fact, you can count yourself among thousands of South Africans who face the inconvenience of ordering cuisine over the phone every day.

Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world, which is why it is so crucial to have a streamlined system in place that quickly, conveniently, and affordable allows you to order food online. Thanks to Starving Marvins, that system is now a reality. In the click of a few buttons, you can book a table at a fabulous restaurant in your area or place a takeaway order to satisfy your cravings.

Why Should You Order Food Online?

The real question to ask is "why shouldn't you?" When you are pressured for time, and you know the likelihood of cooking dinner at home is slim, it makes sense to pop online and organise food within a matter of minutes. The system is efficient and convenient, payment is secure, and you can have dinner delivered to your doorstep shortly after you arrive home from work. If you are not convinced yet, consider these additional benefits.

Save Time

You no longer have to waste time phoning a busy restaurant with a frequently engaged number or providing your contact and address details repeatedly. Starving Marvins' user-friendly online solution eliminates the hassle of prolonged ordering procedures, saving valuable time you can spend catching up with loved ones or taking care of household responsibilities. Simply log into your account, browse the menu from your eatery of choice, and then select and pay for your items. If you have ordered the same items before, you can easily repeat the order to speed up the process. It really is as simple as that!

Save Money

Whether you use a landline or cell phone, calls cost money. Sometimes, that rand value is far more than your meal is really worth. Thankfully, the Internet provides a cost-effective way to put in your food request without completely draining your wallet. The other money-saving benefit is that you can compare menu prices from different businesses within your local area, as well as view the latest specials on offer. Many folks miss deals because they simply do not know they exist. With up-to-date menus, the latest pricing, and greater transparency in terms of discounted combos and specials, you are guaranteed to save more.

Enjoy Freedom of Choice

Taste buds are a funny thing; everyone has them, but nobody wants the same thing at the same time. While one person might be digging the "local is lekker" vibe, another might prefer Italian, Greek, Chinese, or Thai cuisine. As you know, variety is the spice of life, which is something you will certainly find at Starving Marvins. Discover new restaurants, browse a wide range of menus, and discover new foods you have never had the opportunity to try. You practically have a world of flavours at your fingertips, so no one has to go away from the meal feeling dissatisfied.

Eliminate Unnecessary Aggravation

Let's face it; in a country with 11 official languages, you are bound to have food orders lost in translation. Although you would think that misunderstandings and mixed-up orders should not happen in todays advanced world, they do---quite frequently. Frankly, there is nothing worse than miscommunication or someone taking your order during peak hours when distraction levels are at their highest. This is especially true when you have special requests that are not necessarily on the menu. When you order food online, you can avoid inevitable human errors and ensure you receive the right order the first time around.

Restaurant and Take Away owners LOVE Starving Marvins as everything is so easy to edit, once you have read and we offer dedicated email support for those few who still struggle to use the navigation. The rate for sign up is so low because Starving Marvins is a new service, so jump on board now while the subscription is at its lowest!